Selected Projects

Canary Mine Own

To be honest I hardly notice the air quality any more now I’ve got my music with me…

Selected Projects


It’s Fookin’ Amazing… 8 Day Weekend of Pills, Wine, Booze and Porn – new T-shirt for Danish Mega Band TURBOWEEKEND

Limited Edition of 100 – €20 EUROS

Selected Projects

The Isles

There’s no good name for this group of Isles – apart from ‘The Isles’

Selected Projects

Chokenhagen Poster

Celebrate the spirit of contemporary political dissent with this Chokenhagen Molotov Cocktail…

2 parts biofuel
1 part self righteous indignation
Organic cotton rag

This print available as a limited edition signed LAMBDA/C-Type. 56cm x 76cm. £60 incl. delivery Europe. Mail me to order:

With thanks to ZZZUNE…

Selected Projects

Eco Labs – Climate Road show

The Climate Road Show is going to tour the country this Summer to help people understand the implications of climate change. A group of artists have been picked to illustrate various scenarios related to the changing of the environment. I’ve tried to illustrate a mass exodus of humans due to a change in habitat.

Jody Barton
Rod Hunt
Leona Clark
Kate Evans
Jamie Slimmon
Angela Morelli
& more to come.
Graphic Design: Si Yeun Kim
Art Direction: Jody Boehnert

First show at BASH: 18th-27th June, 12-6pm
BASH Opening party: Thursday June 18th, 6-9pm
65 – 71 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4PJ

Also at Glastonbury and ‘The Art Boot Fair’

*Supported by Awards for All and APE

click here for more info from the Eco Labs website

Selected Projects

Sweet Talk Copenhagen

On May 19th I did this public talk about my work to an audience of 150+ people… made me sweat… although it ended up being an enjoyable night…

For more info: Sweet Talk CPH

I shared the bill with ‘E-types‘ a design company and ‘Illutron‘, an events robotics and installations collective.

There was a free limited edition print of one of my new water-colour pieces for every attendee. Printed with sponsorship from Clausen Offset.

With special thanks to Simon Roche, who organised the event.

Photos by Jakob Bekker Hansen

Selected Projects

Bono’s Laptop

Selected Projects

Amazing Balls

I was going to enter this competition for Ellesse. They are a tennis company. After I’d done the picture I read the entry form. They want to own the copyright on all the entries! What amazing balls!

Selected Projects

Genital Holiday Village

Selected Projects

Embryo Boy – My Little Friend

A few years ago I did this amazing horror comic about an aborted embryo that escapes the termination clinic and embarks on a life of homeless jobseeking…

997 unsold copies still reside at SOMA Gallery Bristol for your purchasing pleasure… (see button on the sidebar of the blog)

The proud father…

Some nice screenprints – maybe some still available from SOMA Gallery…

the actual book, printed in a special duotone process…

Selected Projects

Bobby Bulldog London 2012 Official Olympic Mascot


Monday 5th January 2009 – For immediate use.

Official 2012 Olympic Mascot Design Competition Result

Bobby Bulldog™ designed by UK Illustrator Jody Barton

We are very pleased to announce that Jody Barton’s entry of Bobby Bulldog™ has been successful in being chosen as the official mascot of the London 2012 Olympic Games. As well as the honour of seeing his design chosen, Jody Barton will receive £100,000 as a joint prize and license fee for the character.

Jody Barton said “…although normally the ethical considerations of working for the International Olympic Committee with it’s horrendous record on ignoring human rights violations and persistence in stating that despite the Olympics being a competition between political entities is itself in no way political, I felt that the huge fee of £100,000 just for doing a shit cartoon justified my actions…”

We felt that the dynamic Bobby Bulldog™ with his bowler hat was both traditional and modern and represented the vibrant multi-ethnic and multi-cultural powerhouse that Britain is today. It’s also quite Britpop.

There will be various ‘flavours’ of Bobby Bulldog™ to represent diverse segments of British society – such as Big Gay Bobby Bulldog™ and Asian UK Bobby Bulldog™ for example. Other variations such as Emo Yeah Bobby Bulldog™ and Ethical Green Lobby Bobby Bulldog™ are being actively considered.

There will be merchandising opportunities for manufacturers to bid for in the coming months. Please ensure you are signed up for the Official Olympic Suppliers terms to receive these notifications.

thank you,

London 2012 Olympic Press Office.


Bobby Bulldog™ has been chosen to be depicted on the Official 2012 50p Coin. And the best thing is that the coin will only cost 50 pence from all good newsagents. Simply go to your newsagent and ask for change from a pound. Your newsagent will be able to give you TWO Bobby Bulldog™ coins (subject to availability).

Selected Projects

£0$€ – Snakes and Losers

What goes up must come down. And all that money you’ve saved might be worth nothing tomorrow. From Nero to Zero. Snakes and ladders where there are no ladders… only slippery snakes.

Pounds, Dollars and Euros… all worth Zero on the end… Everything to LOSE…