CK Barriär Cyclocross Team – Graphics & Kits

For the last two years I have designing logos, kits and accessories for Sweden’s newest and most passionate Cyclocross club – CK Barriär. If you don’t know what cyclocross is then I’ll tell you: it’s a lungbusting, leg burning 1 hour steeplechase around muddy fields on a racing bike with nobbly tyres while you wear a fancy leotard called a skinsuit. It is the height of cycling fashion and also a 100 year old sport. See more on the ‘gram

CK-Barriar-Logo-Single 20150920_9512 20150920_9489Frame-Mockup-70-50-Spiral-Rabbits Frame-Mockup-70-50-Hopper Frame-Mockup-70-50-HotDog Frame-Mockup-70-50-Coffee Frame-Mockup-70-50-Gravel-Type Frame-Mockup-70-50-Stump Frame-Mockup-70-50-Gravel