Terrain Dur – Bike Polo Show – Le Havre

Pierre-Adrien Dracon and Fabrice Houdry are bike culture freaks and gallerists. They are organising an art and culture show all about Bicycle Polo. That’s Polo – y’know, like with horses that toffs play, but on bikes. Bike Polo is an old sport with a renewed fire. The fixie fashion has stimulated interest in it, and it’s really taken off again.

I need a place to stay in Le Havre in France. Do you know anyone who has an apartment to rent there in May? Or maybe in Rouen? Or somewhere nearby. I thought I’d go down there, soak up the cheeses and also be at the art show to make some film, shoot some pics and do some drawings.

So, who wants to lend me / rent their place? I’ll need something from early May.


Eugène & Pauline – Artists Editions
Fabrice Houdry – Artist & Curator