Urban Art Dice


(Feel at liberty to substitute Tony Blair for
the current murderous sycophant in charge)

Fresh out of ideas which will smash the system and bring Governments down? Want to stick it to ‘The Man’ and get rid of the oppressive machinery of the state? Can’t wait to make *insert current dictator’s name* quake in their boots as they beg you to stop your urban art assault on the dominant paradigm? No more Police, no more Soldiers!

In no time at all, a simple throw of these special dice will create a fabulous and groundbreaking idea for your latest piece. And then you can celebrate over a few expensive imported lagers in a trendy bar.

Although you hate the Police and everything they stand for, when you are mugged for your i-Pod/Pad/Phone, you are straight on the phone to them in a scared shaky voice to report the crime. Do you hate consumerism but need a new laptop? Do you wish everyone would take public transport but fantasise about driving a vintage car? These dice are made for you. Soon you’ll be worrying too much about the mortgage and getting a place for your new baby at a good nursery to be killing the rich, so you need to make hay while the sun shines – and these dice will ensure no time is wasted…