Where Do Ideas Come From? Part II

As we all know, there is no such thing as copying because all the ideas in the world are in a big cloud that anyone can borrow from. It’s called the internet. By pure co-incidence, the company ‘We Are What We Do’ has used a style of typography so very similar to my work for their latest enviro-cash-in shopping bag horseshit. Just like they totally co-incidentally channelled Parra in their last design by accidental inspiration project ‘I Am Not A Plastic Bag’ with Moira Hindley. Why re-use plastic bags when you can re-use other people’s illustration styles?


But don’t despair. I have the solution. The bag you really need IS plastic. You need the Jody Barton Kevin Spacey Art Student American Beauty Plastic Bag. A premium quality 5p plastic bag with the ghostly visage of the late Kevin Spacey. Guaranteed to blow in circles in the lightest breeze. Please select clockwise or anti-clockwise model at checkout.