Landfill Editions – Mould Map 4


I have some new drawings about the ‘secret rules of Europe’ – codified behaviour guide lines for your internal policeman – in the latest Mould Map from Landfill Editions.

This edition also features newly commissioned comics, art and graphics from; Leon Sadler, Edwin Burdis, Daniel Swan, Michael Willis, Patrick Crotty, Grace Wilson, Dan Mitchell, Will Sweeney, Ed Fornieles, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Yannick Val Gesto with Eva Munz, Sany, Amalia Ulman, Hanna K, MOSA, Gwenaël Rattke, Stathis Tsemberlidis, Yuri Pattison, Suzanne Treister, New Scenario, Stefan Sadler, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Gabriel Corbera, Pierre Vanni, Roope Eronen and Viktor Hachmang.

Contextualised by features on both near-future speculative / design fiction and historical counterculture movements including; Huw Wahl on 60s inflatable art collective Action Space, Federico Pagello on Frigidaire Magazine and comics of the radical left in 70s Italy, a selection of activist ephemera from the stock of Mayfair dealer Carl Williams at Maggs Brothers, Ingo Niermann in conversation with Matilda Tjäder about the origins and development of the Sternberg Solutions series, Dunne & Raby and the use of illustration within their United Micro Kingdoms project and finally a selection of works from the 2014 White Cube exhibition by Gilbert & George — Scapegoating Pictures For London.

Edited by Hugh Frost & Leon Sadler. Graphic design by Hugh Frost.

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A Glossary of the Rules of Europe

  1. You must give the impression in public that you have no passion whatsoever for politics of any kind.
  2. Torture is reserved for those that threaten our right to live in a society without torture.
  3. The ecology of Europe is always at year zero.
  4. All animals in Europe are European animals and must obey European laws and customs.
  5. Total freedom unless you criticise freedom in any way.
  6. When in public your face must be photographable at all times. This is to preserve your right to privacy.
  7. You must profess to love multiculturalism, but be anxious to preserve your own cultural values.
  8. There is no religion but the religion of tolerance. All other religions are banned.
  9. Surveillance only of those who we have deemed need watching by first watching everybody.
  10. In Europe there shall be freedom from everything except from Europe itself.
  11. The surgical alteration of male children’s genitals is permitted.
  12. The surgical alteration of female children’s genitals is forbidden.
  13. You must worship only the empty patch of blue in the middle of the ring of imaginary stars on the EU flag.
  14. Freedom for those who obey the rules.
  15. Freedom cannot be defined but must be believed in without question.
  16. Europe does not exist.
  17. Technocracy is your God now.
  18. Europe must wage war outside of Europe at all times, but within Europe never.
  19. All values are equal, but some values are more equal than others.
  20. Europe finds all cultural values offensive.
  21. Your differences will be respected until they can be eliminated.
  22. All great civilisations are built on a foundation of bones. Europe excels in this and is built on ashes.
  23. Europe owns your mind and your body.
  24. Public concealment of ideology shall be the whole of the law.
  25. Modernisation is implicit and must be unremarked upon, but at the same time everything must be preserved.
  26. All houses must be made of glass.
  27. All public spaces are private property, all private spaces are public property.
  28. Private cruelties will not be intervened in as long as they remain private.
  29. Imprisonment is the punishment for those that threaten freedom.
  30. All opinions are equally invalid.
  31. You have no choices regarding the indoctrination of your children into the project.
  32. Europe is ruled by a sentient flag.
  33. A common purpose would undermine a common and useful lethargy and is therefore banned.
  34. You must internalise the rules until they become nature.
  35. There is no cultural history of Europe, instead there is the conceit that Europe has always existed exactly as it is now at whatever moment you choose to view it.
  36. You must give the perfect performance of believing in Europe without actually believing in anything at all.
  37. There must never be any restriction on the expansion of the mechanism for creating and storing information about the citizens of Europe.
  38. There will periodically be isolated outbreaks of inexplicable violence which will grip the publics’ imagination and then be totally forgotten.
  39. The idea of power by birth will be abhorred in public.
  40. It must never occur to you that Europe has an ideology, instead you must behave as if Europe is a haven from ideology.
  41. You must have a tiny photograph of your own face approved by the government of your part of Europe.
  42. You must not be naked.


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