Come see my art show at Heimdalsgade 22, Copenhagen 2200. It’s on for a few weeks. From now to whenever? Here’s a preview for the challenged of movement. There’s also the official cycling race cap by Cinelli for the AlleyMouse alleycat race which took place on the opening party.

visit Cinelli Store

AlleyMouse racers undertake a ‘medical experiment’ and grow a human ear on their backs at one checkpoint.


Get to Arabaki Rock Fest 2017 – or Die-Tyeing

In Japan they have this Rock Festival called Arabaki. I did one of the T-shirts and it’s Tie-Dye! I’m going to follow the Grateful Dead on tour in it innit. Click the link and scroll all the way to the bottom.

It’s POP, It’s ART

Limited edition screenprints officially authorised by the original artist (or their moneygrubbing heirs and business associates). You know I love to joke around.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Cats

More new releases from my Japanese label ‘Black Humours’ – available from Beams T.

Carrot Juice Tears

Another dark black instalment from my Japanese brand ‘Black Humours’. Available from Beams T Japan.

Mouse From’age of Cheese

Got a new one hitting the cheese boards of the big old Japan today. Mouse in a Cheese House. Yes. More puns coming soon.

Buy it here! ZoZoTown Japan.

My Shopping Hell

So, I KNOW you are sick of Capitalism. Because yeah?! But you need hot, summer-ready accessories too. NJFWP.

I’m here to help. My shop had it’s html and css in a right old panty twist. Now it is healed and it works again. Hallelujah Karl Marxism.

Selected Projects

WeAreOne Collective

I made the logogram for this new organisation which does collaborative projects to improve society and help people.

“…WeAreOne is an emerging movement aimed at addressing social injustice. We aim to bring together individuals, groups and organisations from humanitarian, corporate and creative sectors, to collaborate on developing innovative programs which inspire and bring about positive change and facilitate skill sharing opportunities. Creating environments where Solidarity is not just a good intention …..but instead it becomes a part of daily life…”

Omnium Cargo – Webbing Box

I designed this box for the Omnium Cargo bike webbing system.

PÅNCH – Bike Gang Copenhagen

PÅNCH are a bike gang for girls and women and they don’t discriminate about what a girl or a woman is. And now their logo is a FIST of POWER. Instagram

F.H.I.F.F. Enamel Badge

Assert your allegiance to the Age of Pessimism by buying it in my shop. click here

Mini Comics – Series Two: SEX!

Alleymazing Alley Cat 2.0

CK Barriär – Iced Up Barriär

Season specific logo adaptation for the powerful and rising Swedish cyclo-cross team Cykelklubben Barriär.

Mini Comics – Series One: WAR!

Fake Academe – New York Times

Black Mouse

Sony Playstation Theme

Philosophical Polyhedron

Guardian Mugs