Sweaty Recipe

OK, so I’m a cycling obsessed bastard, amongst other things. This is what it’s like. When you ride in the winter, you need protection from the elements (fire, water, ice and brimstone). It’s mostly ice. you need layers. There’s:

Foot, sock layer 01, sock layer 02, cycling shoe with terrifying ‘cleat’ allowing the shoe to freeze onto the pedal meaning certain death if you should have to stop. And then ‘bootie’ or ‘shoe cover’ – a huge hobbit foot like cover which protects your feet from cold and spray. And despite space age breathable fabrics the whole quail inside a duck inside a chicken inside a turkey inside a sasquatch foot is DAMP, CLAMMY, COLD, WET, SMELLY like a cats nappy. Etc.

Look like a fuckin’ sasquatch with all this shit on.