The $100 Billion Dollar Screenprint

As I’m sure you’re aware, Japan is in the throes of a devastating humanitarian crisis after an earthquake and tsunami of unprecedented size. More than 10,000 people are likely dead and there is a nuclear contamination problem that threatens to exceed even that of the Chernobyl disaster.

I felt helpless to assist.

Apparently the financial cost of reconstructing the affected areas is likely to exceed $100 billion US dollars.

Then I received an email from a charitable organisation promising that if I was able to donate a screenprint then it could help raise some funds for the Red Cross’ relief effort. But that not only would it help them, it would help me achieve good exposure for my work.

“…We have no money and we’re looking for illustrators that could help us bring this to life, it could be great way to do something good and to get good exposure for your work…”

That clinched it for me. Never mind people with radiation exposure sleeping under a piece of wood in a post-apocalyptic landscape surrounded by decomposing corpses – I now had the motivation I needed.

So, I’ve designed a limited edition screenprint. It’s an edition of 01. And that print costs $100 billion US dollars. I’m expecting interest mostly from governments, especially those with big defence budgets. Co-incidentally Britain is considering spending $100 billion+ on a new nuclear submarine program. What better way to say ‘I Care’ than to spend that money on this print instead.

Click to donate – I did:


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