My Christmas with Jean Paul Sartre

Just before Christmas I was contacted by dead French Existential philosopher Jean Paul Sartre. I was a little surprised. He’s dead. But despite this he was keen to work. I suggested marrying his ability as a quote writer with my illustration skills and trying to sell the designs to Hallmark or Clintons or something. He was pretty desperate for cash (his descendants had inherited everything he had), so he said yes. It didn’t go that well. I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky sort of fellow; always chipper, but Jean-Paul was a bit of a gloom-merchant if I’m honest. I don’t think he’s really a Christmas person. Anyway, we’ve had a bit of a falling out now, so we won’t be continuing with the project. I thought I would show the card ideas we made here anyway – just in case you, or any of your family members works in the senior management of a greetings card firm.




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