Bello Cycling Caps x Air Ink

Bello is making a new cycling cap with my art on. And they are printing it with special ink made from traffic pollution particulates. Did you know that dust from tyre wear is a major health risk to humans and a leading source of toxic micro plastics?  Mad huh. There’s a poster with each cap too.

Bello Cycling Says:

“…We offer you the ultimate, one-of-a-kind, unique, world’s first cycling cap: a cap printed with ink harvested from city air pollution!! The more AIR-INK® on your cap, the less pollution in your lungs!! Air pollution is responsible for an estimated 9 million premature deaths worldwide per year.* The good people at Air–Ink®, created ink from air pollution!!! (Instagram: ) With the help of third party global accredited labs, they analysed and further segregated the pollution particulates for recycling. The analysis further ensures that the AIR-INK® formulations they resolve to are safe for consumer use.”

The Designer, Jody Barton’s words:

“I just love to breathe! And I’m not much keen on lies and being lied to. There seems to be a lot of hope put on the electric car to somehow absolve the guilt of the motorist. But surely electric cars are saintly? Nope, they still have tyres, and tyres are responsible for a large proportion of all the toxic particulate matter in the air we breathe. So… I drew some crazy carts, with poison intentions, to clear the air on this issue for you. And they are printed using ink made from that pollution. AIR-INK®.” –

*source: The Lancet Commission on pollution and health –

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