Student Graduation Hat – Studenterhuen

It’s graduation week for high-school students in Denmark… everyone gets a graduation hat. And then the drinking begins.

There are a huge number of hat related graduation traditions. For example:

Everyone in your class writes their name in your hat.
The person with the biggest hat size buys everyone a beer.
Your best friends must bite the brim of the cap.
Each time you see the sunrise you get a notch in the sweatband.
Stay awake for 24 hours and you get to wear your hat backwards.
Have sex with a classmate you used to hate and get a square notch in the sweatband.
Drink a case of beer and wear the bottle cap as a badge.
Get your stomach pumped and tear off the brim.
Fuck the doctor or nurse and take off the chinstrap.
Bathing nude and get waves drawn on your hat.
Fuck a biology teacher and draw a beetle.
Sex with the hat on? Draw lightning on it.
Drunk under the table get a notch cut in the sunshade / peak.

and more and more and more…